Key Stage 3


Thank you for your interest in Hall Cross. Despite our large size we are committed to responding to each child’s needs as an individual and our staffing model and organisation are designed to be built around our learners.

We have enjoyed considerable success over recent years, with results that are significantly above national averages and rapidly rising. Our well qualified staff offer strength and depth across the range of traditional academic subjects, with a track record of curriculum innovation and diversity offering every learner the chance to enjoy success.

Every year large numbers of our students choose to stay on in our Sixth Form and, joined by others from across Doncaster, form one of the biggest Sixth Forms in the region. The advice and guidance we provide from Year 7 onwards is designed to help our young people turn their academic interests into positive choices for their future.

Our wish for our students is that they value the time they spend at Hall Cross and make the best of the opportunities available to them here.

Joining Hall Cross Academy

Moving to secondary school is an exciting yet challenging experience for children and their parents. To help with this transition we have a number of things in place:

  • Links between the Headteachers and key staff within our Family of Schools for planning the calendar of transition activities.
  • Link teaching between Hall Cross and our catchment Primary Schools in Mathematics, Science and English.
  • A number of Year 5 and Year 6 activities days.
  • An Open Evening in early October for you to meet the Leadership Team and teachers, to visit departments and sample activities.
  • Induction days in July for all Year 6 students who will start with us in September.In addition, our Year 7 team make visits to all the Primary Schools from which our students come and receive academic and other appropriate information to help us to plan for them.
  • Children with special needs or particular requirements would usually be offered more extensive support with transition or induction. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like further advice.

The pupil admission number for each year group is 308.