Vision & Values

Vision – Enjoying excellence every day

Hall Cross is an academy that strives for excellence and balances that drive with a determination to ensure our students enjoy their school days. “Enjoying excellence” is therefore at the centre of our mission.

Values – CARE

At Hall Cross, our students enjoy celebrating and promoting our values through our CARE programme.
CARE stands for: Community Achievement Respect Equality

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Values – Hall Cross Learner


At Hall Cross Academy we are committed to developing students into independent, powerful learners who are ready to take on the challenges of life in modern Britain. To achieve this aim student voice worked with a group of teachers to develop the Hall Cross Learner. The Hall Cross Learner is a set of expectations made up of seven qualities that we believe will furnish our students with the characteristics they need to succeed in school and their future career.

Students should speak and write using formal Standard English. They should choose their words and sentences carefully so they can express themselves clearly, powerfully and creatively. Students should check their spelling, punctuation and grammar consistently. Students should read widely and regularly.

Students are encouraged to think creatively. When they get stuck students should try different ways to find a solution. Students should understand the importance of resilience and understand that making mistakes are an important part of learning.

Team Player
Students should be confident about working in groups. They should take part effectively, take on different roles and take them seriously. Students should listen to others and take them seriously, listening to their ideas and building on them. Students should always include others and help them to succeed.

Students should treat the classroom as a learning environment and respect other students’ work and their right to learn. Students should ensure that their participation in the classroom enables all students to make progress and learn.

Students should be determined and independent. They should take responsibility for their own learning and know their strengths and what they need to do to improve. All students should know their current levels and how they can reach make progress. Students are able to motivate themselves and organise their own time so they can learn and make progress every day. Students are aware of the skills they have developed over time and use them to complete tasks.

Students should enjoy their learning and look forward to their lessons. They should be aware that every minute counts and arrive to lessons on time, well equipped and ready to start learning. Students work closely with teachers and students and get on well with them. Students have a thirst for learning and participate actively in class.

Students are proud of what they achieve. They take care with their work and ensure it is the best it can be, having a ‘Proud Book’. Students learn a lot every day and make progress over time. Students value the work of others and they are happy for others when they succeed.