Literacy & Reading

The Hall Cross vision


Literacy is fundamental, not only to our personal and social development, but also our ability to understand, evaluate, dissect and disseminate knowledge and, consequently, to our ability to function effectively in society. Literacy goes beyond the classroom – it is far more than a skill to be developed to aid exam performance. Our aim is to ensure there is continual evolution of literacy in our curriculum, across all key stages, in order to secure high levels of functioning literacy for our students, and remove potential barriers to their chosen future pathways. We strive to ensure that students are provided every opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills to equip them for the demands of life beyond the classroom. Literacy is a collective responsibility across the academy; not the responsibility of a small number of specific departments. All students across the Academy will benefit from a consistent, rigorous and persistent approach to Literacy in every lesson, every day, across every subject.

Serving a catchment which typically sees between 30-40% of students transition with reading and writing data below the national average, we recognise the need to design a curriculum which allows every opportunity for these gaps to be closed. Our literacy and reading strategy ensures our students:

  • have the necessary tools to access the curriculum;
  • are able to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills between subject areas;
  • recognise the importance of and enjoy reading for pleasure;
  • recognise the value of writing and communicating effectively;
  • are able to continue their literacy development throughout their secondary school career.

We achieve this by ensuring:

  • All staff provide excellent and equitable, high quality experiences to engage, motivate and inspire all learners to meet their individual needs in literacy. 
  • The curriculum allows all students to be literate learners that are suitably equipped to achieve their potential.
  • All partners work in collaboration to develop and enrich both literacy and reading experiences for all learners.

Please click on the links below for a greater insight as to how we are developing literate readers and writers at Hall Cross Academy.

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