Pupil Premium Intent & Policy

Statement of Intent

It is our intention to ensure that all students, regardless of background, prior attainment or outside challenges, are provided with the best possible opportunity to achieve high levels of attainment at Hall Cross Academy.

High quality classroom provision is the fundamental principle on which our curriculum offer is based. Investment in expert teaching and targeted classroom support is key to providing the best opportunity for our students, disadvantaged or not, to achieve their potential (EEF, 2021). Recognising where barriers to progress exist, and further developing and adapting classroom practice to overcome these barriers is at the heart of our strategy. The collective actions identified in this statement are the means by which we will achieve our aim of delivering the highest levels of achievement for all.

Our ‘THINK disadvantaged’ strategy focuses specific attention upon our students who may face the greatest challenge in effectively accessing and thriving in an academic setting. Keeping our disadvantaged students at the forefront of lesson planning, recognising the barriers faced and taking immediate steps to overcome these barriers is key to engaging all in lessons.
Targeted interventions are applied to ensure, where deemed necessary, additional support for our most vulnerable students is able to effectively supplement classroom provision. There is a clear understanding and recognition that these interventions are not limited to academic ‘catch up’, but also aim to target other common barriers such as attendance, behaviour and building strong links with home. The best way to raise pupil self-esteem is for them to be successful in the classroom (Rowland, 2015).

Additionally, ensuring that we invest in the cultural capital of students is paramount. Cultural experiences across our catchment is significantly varied. There is significant investment, through our super-curriculum offer, to ensure we expose students to culturally enriching experiences that compliments high quality classroom provision.

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