Curriculum Map

Hall Cross Academy Curriculum Intent

Education at Hall Cross Academy is about ensuring every opportunity for social mobility. It is our belief that education should open doors to a future in which our students thrive both academically and as well rounded citizens in wider society. We take seriously our responsibility to build a curriculum that is both broad and balanced, but most importantly, student centred. This allows opportunities for them to pursue academic excellence within their chosen pathway, without imposing constraints that would stifle a genuine passion for learning and restrict future options.

Achievement for all

The social context of our school: 26% Pupil Premium, above national average percentage of both SEND and EAL pupils and operating in a town outlined as the fourth most deprived in Yorkshire, means that curriculum planning and provision is of paramount importance. Our philosophy dictates that social background and prior attainment should never be a barrier to academic success within Hall Cross and our curriculum is structured in a way that provides the opportunity for all students to achieve their potential.

Our heavy investment in prioritising reading, literacy and oracy across the curriculum is a statement of our intent to invest in the future opportunities of our students – opening pathways that otherwise may have been closed to many. Our prioritising of retrieval practice across all departments strives to ensure students make links in their learning and ensures effective sequencing across the key stages.

Our commitment to offering a significant variety of options at both KS4 & 5, supported by effective guidance from both teaching staff and senior leadership, allows students to pursue options of interest to them – increasing engagement, broadening horizons and providing all students the best chance to achieve at their maximum potential.

Effective PSHCE delivery

Our PSHCE (Life) curriculum is constructed to incorporate both compulsory and carefully selected non-compulsory content to invest in the holistic development of our learners, making them ready to be successful citizens in the 21st Century. The curriculum is constructed to heavily embody the core values of the academy – Community, Achievement, Respect and Equality (CARE). We recognise our duty to ensure education is not just about academic success, but about investment in each individual to encourage the development of lifelong transferable skills and traits promoting core British values of tolerance, freedom of choice and empathy.

In keeping with our core belief of providing opportunities for social mobility, our careers offer is constructed around the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks – raising aspirations for all at each key stage across the academy. To support this we pride ourselves on our links with external providers to support the development of our students throughout their time at Hall Cross. Links with universities, Doncaster College, numerous sporting associations, ICA perform accreditation and both local and national employers all serve to contribute to the fabric of Hall Cross and the opportunities we provide for our learners. We also have strong links with the NHS that provides exposure to the plethora of careers that are available in this pathway. This is coupled with our links to associations within the local community that allow students to positively impact upon their local area – we are the single largest, non commercial, donator to the Doncaster food bank annually – further highlighting our commitment to one of our core values – community.


Enrichment opportunities

An important aspect of our curriculum model is how we are able to enrich the experiences of our students through the opportunities we provide beyond the classroom. Investment in extra curricular provision across the curriculum is paramount with a broad and inclusive program available from the start of year 7 to the end of year 13. Developing cultural capital is key to our values particularly considering the higher than average proportion of Pupil Premium students within our cohort. Extra-curricular visits, lectures and workshops from outside agencies, collaboration with Doncaster College and partner universities provide a plethora of opportunities for students to engage with tangible experiences that can shape future pathways and broaden horizons.