Who to Contact

Many enquiries can be answered by contacting reception staff at either campus. If you wish to discuss something with a particular staff member who may not be immediately available you will be called back at a mutually convenient time. However, because we know that some issues need immediate attention our Pastoral team includes Year Managers who don’t teach so that they can be responsive at any time.

Key Stage 3 Staff

Mrs K Briggs

Year Manager(Year 7)

Mr T Goodchild

Assistant Principal

Quality of Teaching

Mr G Young

Learner Experience

Key Stage 3

Mr C Thornton

Associate Senior Leader


Mr P Wymer

Learner Progress

Key Stage 3

Mrs D Hampson

Year Manager (Year 7)

Mrs N Wilkes

Year Manager (Year 9)

Mrs A Lacey

Attendance Officer

Key Contacts

Key Stage 3 Enquiries

Year 7, 8 & 9 Students

Key Stage 4 Enquiries

Year 10 & 11 Students

Key Stage 5 Enquiries

Year 12 & 13 Students


General inbox for attendance concerns and enquiries


Data Protection Officer: Thom Goodchild Have you got a data protection concern? Please contact us here.


Have you got a concern about one of our students' wellbeing? Please contact us here.


Contact our Careers Coordinator

SEN Coordinator

N Laszkowicz

Finance & Accounts

Contact for information regarding finance, free school meals and cashless catering.

ICT Enquiries

Contact our ICT Helpdesk - For sales enquiries and ICT Support


Would you like to discuss hiring our facilities or amend a booking? Please contact us here.


Contact the Academy Principal