Alternative Provision


  • To ensure students gain a broad range of appropriate qualifications and enrichment activities delivered through authentic learning experiences
  • To provide a safe and inclusive environment which prevents the need for exclusions
  • Identify any learning needs which will help students to overcome barriers to learning 
  • Work in collaboration with parents, the SEND team & external agencies to create an individualised learning journey


For some students being in a large classroom, in a mainstream setting does not always work. We recognise this and have put in support for those students who have additional behavioural needs, which cannot be managed in the classroom. On entry into our SEMH setting, The Junction, a thorough diagnostic assessment and referral takes place to ensure all needs are met and include the following:

  • Boxall Profile
  • Outcome Star
  • Dyslexia test
  • Reading Test
  • BOSS referral

Key Stage 3

At key Stage 3, the Junction setting caters for short breaks and early interventions. A student can access this provision for particular hotspot lessons or full time, dependent on their behavioural needs. They are fully supported by a classroom teacher and the inclusion manager throughout their journey. A student usually spends a maximum of 6 weeks in this setting before other avenues of provision are explored such as a Managed Move to another school and in some cases an alternative provision placement, sourced directly or through a Local Authority Panel referral.

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 English Drama History Drama Geography
2 PE/PSHE English PE Science Art
3 Maths Languages English Science Science
4 English Maths IT Geography Life
5 Key Working Science History Maths Maths


Key Stage 4

There are four key elements to our KS4 provision:

  • Qualifications: all courses taught are accredited. Students that attend from the start of year 10 study Maths, English, Science,Physical Education and Food (Asdan). There is a more personalised approach for those students who join at other points throughout the key stage. 
  • Work experience: Another important part of our work on personal development is our Enrichment programme which is timetabled one day per week. This takes place over the two years in key stage 4 and has already included Mechanics, construction, hairdressing, boxing, health and social care and animal care. This provision is put into place after individual consultation with students and takes place away from the school site and with accredited centres. 
  • Information, Advice and Guidance: we go to great lengths to help our students to find the right post 16 destinations, ones that they can access and sustain and that they will enjoy. The school careers advisor works closely with our inclusion team from the very start of the key stage to provide the very best advice to our learners. Students have also been offered external advise through Progress Careers. 
  • PSHE & Enrichment: All students have access to an extensive programme, which includes keyworking time, which takes place every morning.

Students are entered into the key stage 4 programme once a managed move at another school has broken down.

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 English Life English Maths Placement
2 PE Maths Science  Science Placement
3 Science PE English Maths Placement
4 Maths English PE Life Placement
5 Science Food Food Food Placement