Academy Development Priorities
Development priority 1:
Quality of Education
1.1 Inclusive Learning
Ensure that staff use the information available to remove barriers to learning for all students, especially those who have been identified as vulnerable learners

1.2 Reading
Continue to embed and develop reading strategy

1.3 Literacy
Develop and embed literacy strategy

1.4 Written Presentation
Embed Academy wide presentation expectations  to improve the quality of written presentation

1.5 Written Feedback
Continue to embed dept. written feedback policies and expectations

1.6 Quality Assurance
Continue to develop and embed QA processes that are strategically linked to ADP and PM outcomes

1.7 Closing the Gap
Continue to develop strategies that will improve Outcomes and Progress for:
All Disadvantaged Pupils
High Prior Attaining Males
High Prior Attaining Disadvantaged Pupils
Progress in English at Key Stage 4
The Highest Attainers at Key Stage 5

Development priority 2:
Behaviour and Attitudes
2.1 Attendance
IFurther develop and embed attendance strategy inc. of Post 16

2.2 Rewards
Design and implement a cohesive rewards strategy that engages students at all key stages

2.3 The Junction
Robust and clear expectations that are strategically linked to students’ Personal Development Plans(PDPs)

2.4 Reporting Systems
Further develop and embed behaviour expectations, and recording systems supporting success through positive behaviours for learning

Development priority 3:
Personal Development
3.1 Enrichment
Develop a coordinated strategy for enrichment, extra and super -curricular opportunities

3.2 Student Leadership
Continue to develop and embed student leadership strategy

3.3 Careers
Develop a coordinated programme of work experience to enhance careers provision

Continue to develop and embed PHSCE/RSE offer with specific focus on faith, community and citizenship

3.5 Academic Tutoring
Continue to develop and embed the Academic Tutoring offer in 6th Form

3.6 Student CPD
Continue to develop and strengthen the student CPD offer

Development priority 4:
Leadership and Management
4.1 Academy Culture
Continue to develop and embed the academy culture to ensure all students and staff ‘Enjoy excellence every day’

4.2 Staff Development
Further embed our CPD offer to ensure all staff have access to high quality bespoke training

4.3 Leadership
Continue to strengthen the leadership links between the academic and personal development offer to maximise students outcomes, opportunities and experiences