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  • Max is thrilled to be voted prefect. The whole school department have boosted his confidence so much. He is a different child than when he arrived and there is a wider smile on his face everyday.
  • I would just like to congratulate ALL involved in the recent production of Billy Elliot. I was lucky enough to attend the performance on Monday night and I was absolutely blown away, not only by the performance on stage but also by the fabulous music provided by a small but very talented group of musicians. It is amazing how you managed to pull it off year after year. This was my third time attending the school performance (previously I came to see Les Miserables and Miss Saigon) and this performance of Billy Elliot was right up there! Congratulations again!.
  • My wife and I just returned from watching the schools performance of Miss Saigon. What a most enjoyable evening watching a very professional performance, Much appreciate the commitment of all involved. If we had not known better we would not believed it was a school production.
  • I would just like to congratulate all the cast and the crew for a truly wonderful night yesterday, the performance was amazing, my work colleague who accompanied me is a true Jesus Christ Superstar fanatic and she commented that yours is one of the best performance she has seen both professional and amateur.

ICA-Perform is a new venture that formalises the outstanding range and quality of Performing Arts on offer at Hall Cross Academy. It defines an enhanced entitlement for students and broadens the curriculum offer in and around the normal school day.

ICA-Perform Videos

Sister Act 2020
National Theatre Connections 2019
Doncaster Culmination Day
Hall Cross Academy: Hurdy-gurdy Man
Hall Cross Academy Composition
Christmas Soiree 2018
Year 12 Brothers’ Grimm Death’s Messengers Performance
ICA Perform at Hall Cross Academy
Cast of Zero for the Young Dudes
Dance and Health Conference
National Theatre Connections 2017

ICA-Perform Photos

Chicago 2019
Christmas Soiree 2018
National Theatre Connections 2016
Les Miserables 2015
Jesus Christ Superstar 2016
National Theatre Connections 2017
All Wrapped Up Christmas Show
Gamelan Workshop
National Theatre Connections 2016
Cheek By Jowl Theatre Workshop
Music Technology – High Melton Performance 2017
2Faced Dance Workshop 2017
Manic Chord Workshop 2017
Boy Blue Workshop 2017
ICA Perform Dance Tour 2017
ICA Perform Next Steps Conference 2017
Ensemble 360 Performance 2017
Beeches Care Home Performance 2017
Christmas Soiree 2017
Nexus Dance Platform 2018
Billy Elliot 2018

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