KS5 curriculum statement

Hall Cross Sixth Form is a thriving and highly successful learning community with a rich tradition of academic excellence within Doncaster. Hall Cross Academy Sixth Form offers the opportunity for students to tailor-make an education that is right for them. Our focus is upon academic and social development, and we provide our students with outstanding support and guidance throughout their time with us. 

As with KS3 & KS4, the KS5 curriculum intent is encapsulated in the following overarching aims:

  • Provide students with an immersive, engaging experience and develop inquisitive minds.
  • Provide a curriculum that is accessible to all.
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore experiences beyond the classroom.
  • Develop a preparedness for future pathways.


Provide students with an immersive, engaging experience and develop inquisitive minds.

We take seriously our commitment to offer a broad suite of subjects at KS5 to provide our students with every opportunity to follow their interests and develop previous successes that will pique their interests for future pathways beyond KS5. Our current KS5 curriculum offer comprises of more than 30 courses from a range of traditional A Levels and applied vocational courses to ensure our students are able to immerse themselves in a mix of subjects that few other institutions could offer across the borough; this offer is expanding all the time.

Throughout the two years at KS5, we look to make the most of opportunities to blend classroom based learning with contextual study beyond the school gates. A programme of experiential learning dovetails with the curriculum content to ensure theory is supported by real world examples to aid understanding and application across our suite of subjects. This is further supported through our links with other education providers within the borough such as Doncaster College and the Doncaster University Technical College (Doncaster UTC).


Provide a curriculum that is accessible to all.

We are proud to be a part of the DC6 initiative which allows us to provide a bespoke curriculum offer with students able to engage in academically rigorous courses in conjunction with other providers within the town centre.

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum is designed to provide students a wide range of opportunities which allow them to fulfil their future aspirations and career goals. We offer a blend of A-Levels and vocational courses, and work in partnership with Doncaster UTC to ensure that there is a route and curriculum offer irrespective of a student’s ambition. Our curriculum: ensures that students fulfil their own aspirations; provides local employers with well-qualified and suitably skilled young people; and equips students with the capacity to seek employment further afield as global citizens. 

Our new Personal Tutor system for the Sixth Form will further enhance the level of care and guidance our students receive during their time with us. The Personal Tutor is an important source of support, and they meet with students regularly on a one to one basis. In addition, students are part of a Tutor Group, and each week Personal Tutors meet with their students to deliver a programme of support which includes:

  • Careers information, advice and guidance
  • Study skills support
  • Academic review and mentoring
  • CARE values 

Provide opportunities for students to explore experiences beyond the classroom.

Our provision beyond the classroom ensures that all students have advice and guidance on the options available beyond Sixth Form. We have excellent progression to higher education, with consistently high numbers of students going on to study at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. Our links with a range of universities ensure that we can provide students with support with their applications, personal statements and making choices. We also support students who choose not to go on to university and have links with numerous local providers and organisations which allow us to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge and information they need to make positive and informed choices about their futures. We encourage, through the promotion of a super-curriculum, that students have the opportunity to engage with ‘beyond the classroom’ experiences, reinforcing both academic and value based learning.


Develop a preparedness for future pathways.

In addition to enabling our students to enjoy excellence every day, our aim is to ensure that when students leave Hall Cross Academy they are aspirational, well-qualified, independent and globally aware young adults who are equipped for success in the world beyond the Sixth Form environment. 


Information around careers, futures and CARE agenda is delivered through the academic tutor sessions and our futures week at the end of Year 12, as well as trips to universities and careers fairs. We also have a number of visits to the school from universities and other providers each year. 

Students are also afforded opportunities to experience aspects of the PSHCE and Citizenship curriculum through academic tutor sessions. This includes financial education, advice on independent living and fundamental British values such as tolerance, respect and equality (CARE).


We want to ensure that students are able to:

  • Develop confidence in team-work, presentation, research and communication skills
  • Create critically reflective students who are able to identify ways they can improve themselves.
  • Globally aware students who are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the world.


In summary


We pride ourselves on our commitment to place the student firmly at the centre of our provision. A comprehensive next steps programme provides students with a clear indication of their options beyond KS5 and we take seriously our responsibility for ensuring all students are able to secure appropriate future destinations after their time in Sixth Form. Provision at KS5 continues to be immersive, engaging and gives the opportunity for all of our students to truly enjoy excellence every day. As we strive for academic excellence for all of our students, we also embrace our responsibility to develop our students into well rounded, global citizens who are well prepared for life in an ever changing national and international landscape. The governing body, school leaders and each department head responsible for the delivery at KS5 continually review and evaluate provision for all stakeholders to ensure our curriculum is delivering outstanding experiences for all learners during this final stage of provision within Hall Cross.

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