Sixth Form Letter

Dear Parent,

It has been a privilege to serve this learning community as Head of Sixth Form. I have loved working closely with the fantastic Sixth Form team in support of our learning community. Leading the Sixth Form has been particularly rewarding as I have been able to see our students reap the rewards of all of their endeavours. It is always a huge pleasure to witness students achieve amazing results in the summer before they depart for their future pathways.

Further to a restructuring of the Leadership team and a change in my whole school remit, it is now time for me to pass on the Sixth Form’s reins. This morning, it was an honour to formally introduce Mr Harris as the students’ new Head of Sixth Form. Mr Harris has an unrivalled wealth of experience as the current Head of Upper School and he is absolutely dedicated to both the well-being and high achievement of our learning community.

I will take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the academy over what has been a very difficult time for staff and students alike, and wish you and your families the best for this summer season.

With best regards,

Nick Watts