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Politics Student, Matthew Gursky, Wins Cambridge University Politics Prize

Author: A EdenPosted: 13th September 2019 13:35

Over the summer holidays, three outstanding students of A Level Politics worked exceptionally hard on their essay entries in an effort to win the much coveted R.A Butler Politics Prize award by Trinity College, Cambridge.

Head Girl, Rebecca Wilson, wrote a fabulous essay entitled “Should Feminisim be a form of cultural imperialism?” which showed amazing research skills and an unbelievable bibliography. Molly Elliot wrote an essay on whether or not international relations between countries are in a period of “long peace.” Molly’s extensive reading and essay arrived at the conclusion that we are not, and Molly was short listed to the top 25% of essays of submitted. An amazing achievement.

Finally, Matthew Gursky, wrote an outstanding and the winning entry entitled “Has the decline of conventional political parties been exaggerated?” The essay was judged to be an “excellent piece of work resting on a solid foundation of research and reading” and was a “superb essay.” Matthew will now travel down to Trinity College, Cambridge at the end of September to be awarded his £300 prize, have lunch with the judging panel, and meet 7 other students from around the world who also entered the competition and received a commendation.

The Politics department is exceptionally proud of all three of our students who worked so hard and so independently over the summer holidays to produce such outstanding work.  It is an amazing achievement for our students; and to have won such a prestigious prize against such tough international competition is amazing.

Very well done to all of you.

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