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personAuthor: G Lanewatch_laterPosted: 21st March 2018 09:36

Almost 40 Year 12 Politics students travelled down to London on Friday 16th March to take part in full day worth of activities in the heart of our British democracy.

Alongside Mr Lane, Ms Flynn, Ms Hewitt and Mr McCaughran, our students experienced a day in London and left feeling inspired and engaged about getting involved in politics and their A Level studies.

As part of the day, we were invited by our local MP Dame Rosie Winterton to hear about her experiences in Parliament and our students grilled her on all the latest political events and topics. This talk took place in the Grand Committee Room, one that is most often seen on television, and students sat around in the very seats that MPs spend many hours each day debating and discussing government policy.

We were lucky to experience an amazing tour of Parliament. We were able to stand in the House of Lords and witnessed the end of a debate in the public gallery for the House of Commons. Some students were lucky to see the result of the division announced and hear the cheers of Jeremy Corbyn and others.

The day finished with a workshop on Voting and Representation, led by the Parliamentary Education Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for our  students to revise their knowledge of electoral systems, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of proportional and majoritarian systems. Students were able to participate in mock elections and visually see the way that these different systems work.

A huge thank you to the students who represented Hall Cross Academy incredibly well and for the staff who accompanied our students on the trip.

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