Lakeside Challenge

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Two weeks ago, 6 students (Cola Liao, Charlie Graham, Millie Riddell, Sam Lawson and Rebecca Freeborn and George Wood) and 2 teachers; (Mr Jacobs and Miss Devine) travelled to Lake Windermere to take part in a competition against other schools in England.

We set off at lunchtime on Friday and it took nearly 6 hours to get there as there was lots of traffic and we had stopped of at a service station for half an hour.
When we arrived, it was pitch black and it was around 6:30pm. Our instructor, Nigel, showed us around the camp and took us to the dining hall where we had food which consisted of sandwiches, crisps and pizza with drinks on the side. After that we got to choose 5 different activities/ challenges to do which earnt us points on the leaderboard.

We chose: Archery, Spiders Web, Marble Run, Canoe Raft Challenge, and Obstacle Course. We had to complete the following activities: King Swing, Raft Building, Challenge Course, Night exercise, Team Wall and Finale.

The next day (Saturday 28th January 2017) we woke up and had our
breakfast, which included cereal and a traditional English breakfast. There was a coffee machine where George decided to have 10 cappuccinos throughout the day and Sam took it upon himself to have frothy milk in one cup and pure coffee in another, Sam also decided to have a double espresso that morning as well. (Let’s just say they were super hyper and annoying).

Our first challenge of the day was the challenge course. This task had us crossing a thin wire one or two at a time. Although it took the 6 of us a while to figure it out, we all figured out a method to cross the wire. Basically George acted as a fence as we held onto his hand and slid across the wire to the other side and Charlie held out his hand and acted as a fence as well. However the hardest part was getting George across as there was no one to hold him from the other side. It was a challenge as there were multiple wires to cross in 45 minutes with rope and a stick to help us. Eventually we got across the other wires and completed the task in time.

Our second challenge was archery, it sounds pretty simple and it is, grab a bow and arrow and let the string go. Charlie hit the bullseye, Sam did in practice meaning he did not get any points for that. Most of us landed our 9 arrows on the target with a few misses. The teachers had a few goes as well, they missed a lot!

The third one was the obstacle course which consisted of carrying a bucket of water through lots of obstacles without dropping it, to earn us points. The other challenge was that 3 of us had to be holding a tennis ball meaning we could not move unless we passed the ball to another person. Slowly but surely we all got through without losing too much water however we had to get through a net tunnel which made us lose a lot of water due to the fact that the net wobbled and water spilled.

We then had lunch and got changed for the next activities, water challenges! Our first challenge was the canoe raft challenge where we got on canoe, rowed out to three rings suspended in mid air an shot a ball into each hoop. We didn’t really have a tactic for it at first as we were just rowing to the hoop and shooting the ball, but that took way too much time. Then Nigel gave us the idea of staying under the hoops and throwing the ball to instantly catch it again to throw it, it worked for the most part however the ball did go further away at times.

Our second water task was to build a raft and sail it out on a course, the challenges were to do 2 turns clockwise and anti-clockwise and to pass a ball to all 6 members of the team. The fastest time so far to complete that course was 7 minutes and 17 seconds, we completed in 7 minutes and 18 seconds, SO CLOSE!

Since we were all soaking wet after that, Nigel said that we could walk into the lake to have a swim. So the boys decided to do that….they were freezing cold and it was extremely funny as the girls stood laughing on the shore.

We rushed to the lodge to get changed into warm clothes and to go to the canteen to eat dinner and have a bit of a rest. Again, George had a few coffees and Charlie, Sam, Cola and Millie had warm frothy milk because why not?

After dinner, it was pitch black so it was time for the night activity, we had to use our orienteering skills to guide ourselves around the woodlands to locations, this gave us points. Furthermore, when we got to the location, we had to do a challenge to earn more points, this included: building a human bridge, getting ourselves out of ropes and spelling out words with our bodies. We were very close to not getting back to base in time but luckily we did with a minute to spare.

After that tiring activity, we all went back to the lodge to shower and sleep.

For the final day (Sunday 29th January 2017) we only needed to do 2 activities, marble run and spiders web. Even though they are simple activities, they took us the full half hour time limit we had.

For the marble run, George was blindfolded so we cold get extra points however we could not finish the course in time meaning we did not get any points whatsoever

However for the siders web, we had tried to get through different spaces each time but that did not work until we all “claimed” a space to go through, and we took our time as well as being careful not to touch the rope. Eventually we all got through with little time to spare.

After that we packed our things to go and moved them to the mini bus. Then we had our final lunch before getting on the minibus to go home. It took us approximately 5 hours to get back to school, with a half an hour break at a service station to get food and toilet break. We arrived at school at 16:50 and we all left to go home.

By Cola Liao, Millie Riddell and Rebecca Freeborn

A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.