Ex Politics Student Speaks to Students

personAuthor: A Edenwatch_laterPosted: 24th September 2018 12:22

Recently, the Politics Department had the pleasure of a visit from former Hall Cross student, Jamie King. Jamie talked to us about modern events in politics as well as the true meaning of politics in general, discussing interesting topics such as how politics has a different definition depending on whether the ‘P’ is capitalised or not and how “identity” politics has an impact on our interpretation of what politics is.

He also pointed out how we may have a distorted view of the world and how this impacts on our viewpoint. He quoted a lecturer of his who famously says in lectures “if you tell people something often enough, they believe it to be true…” Jamie illustrated this by pointing out that the standard world map is actually incorrect. The map is not proportional as it was distorted to make shipping routes look easier during the colonisation era, meaning that Greenland and Africa appear the same size on the map when actually Greenland is 14 times smaller! Our minds were blown.

Jamie is currently in his second year of studying politics at Warwick University and spoke to us about university in general as well as how a politics university course is structured, giving us a greater insight into uni life and politics at a higher level education.

By Rob Hughes


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