DC Theatre Workshop

personAuthor: Mr P Porterwatch_laterPosted: 11th October 2017 08:00 ICA_Perform

On Tuesday 26th September our Year 13 Theatre studies students took part in a workshop with DC Theatre.

The session was based around devising, and will help the group develop their creative ideas when considering characters and storylines.

The workshop involved activities to get the students creative juices flowing, before they broke off into smaller groups to rehearse and develop some short performances to share with their peers.

Amy Rowse one of our year 13 ambassadors had this to say about the workshop:

‘The purpose of the workshop was to help us develop our devised performances that we have to do as part of our A-level. I really enjoyed the workshop as it helped us to be more creative when creating characters and storylines. During the workshop, we chose the three main themes of our production and acted them out in three different ways, for example we did one of ours in a pantomime style. It¬†was interesting to see how each group interpreted the themes. I think this will help us a lot as we put together our performance because we now have a more creative way of coming up with different ideas.’


A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.