Sociology Option

Transition Activities

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About the Course

GCSE Sociology is a useful academic subject that helps you gain an understanding of people and society.  You will develop the ability to analyse, discuss and evaluate different sociological theories, developing transferable skills for many other subjects.

Exam Board

100% Examination: Two exams of 1 hour 30 minutes each Examination Board AQA

Your Future

Sociology is a popular subject to study at A level.  GCSE Sociology is a very good foundation for further study and the A level course builds on the subject knowledge you will have acquired.  There are also many university courses for which Sociology is an excellent subject for entry.  These include: politics, law, education, criminology and other social science subjects.  People who study Sociology at A level and degree level will be interested in many types of career such as teaching, social work, police, law, human resources and any occupation that involves working with and understanding people.