Sociology A Level

About the Course

The study of Sociology is both stimulating and academically challenging. Sociologists raise important issues such as; Why do women appear to commit fewer crimes than men but are more likely to be the victims of sexual crimes and domestic violence? Why is it that ethnic groups are disproportionately under represented at A level? What impact has Feminism had on family life? etc. This course provides you with the conceptual skills needed to make sense of the world in which you live.

Exam Board

The exam board is AQA and it is 100% examination.  Assessment takes place through three 2 hour exam papers at the end of year 13.


Grade 6 in  English Language or literature.

Course Content

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods. Paper 2: Topics in Sociology: Families and Beliefs. Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.  

Beyond the Classroom

Students opting to study Sociology should have an interest in social issues and it is recommended that candidates keep up to date with contemporary debates by following the press and reading around the subject.

Your Future

Many students study Sociology out of pure interest, others because they envisage a career in either a caring profession (teaching, nursing, social work etc) or in a profession which can involve critical analysis of the world in which we live (literature, journalism, business etc).

Contact Department

Staff Contact: Ms M McLister
Hall Cross Academy
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