Philosophy & Theology (including Ethics) A Level

About the Course

Philosophy and Theology (including Ethics) encourages learners to think rigorously about fundamental questions of truth and human understanding. It also introduces you to the academic study of Philosophy and Theology (including Ethics). The introductory topic addresses a range of key areas in Philosophy, including Plato’s theory of the forms coupled with Aristotle’s rejection of this idea, as well as the debates surrounding rationalism and empiricism. With regards to Ethics students are asked whether it is possible actually to have free will and the implications this has for moral responsibility. Consideration is given to how an individual’s conscience is formed, whether it is a product of reason, arising out of the individual’s subconscious, or whether it is God-given. Finally the nature of belief is explored, learning about, for example, the contrast between strong rationalism and fideism. In the Philosophy topic students will explore some of the central issues in the Philosophy of religion. This will include exploration of the scientific theories of the origins of the universe and religious responses to these: the problem of evil, theodicies as responses and the free- will defense; debates about body and soul in relation to life after death; religious experience and the arguments for the existence of God.

Exam Board



Level 5 in English language or literature

Course Content

Following examination reformation, the department have made the decision to move away from the restrictive new A level specifications and have selected a programme of study that is more engaging and appropriate for our students.  It is a qualification largely delivered previously by independent schools however many secondary schools are now promoting this high value qualification. Assessment is awarded as follows: Distinction 1,2,3; Merit 1,2,3; Pass 1,2,3. All assessment takes place at the end of Year 13 and comprises three exams ranging from 2 hours to 2 hours 15 minutes.

Beyond the Classroom

Last year students visited the Houses of Parliament and visited the theatre in London to see The Book of Mormon. Students also visited the cinema in order to support the Religion and Film unit. Several visiting speakers came into school to engage in dialogue with our students.

Your Future

Where will success take me? The skills that you will learn in Philosophy and Ethics will be useful to you in any number of careers; teaching, youth work, journalism, civil service or government, to name a few. If you're thinking of a career in law or medicine then this qualification is looked upon favourably for undergraduate courses too.

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Staff Contact: Mrs A Fielding
Hall Cross Academy
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