Music Option

Transition Activities

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About the Course

GCSE Music will help you develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of different kinds of music whilst extending your own interests and increase your ability to make judgements about musical quality.  You will develop broader life-skills and attributes including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and emotional and cultural development along with skills of creativity, self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and communication.

Exam Board

Controlled Assessment:  40% Performing, 20% Composing, 20% Composition and Appraisal Examination: 20% Listening and Appraising Examination Board AQA

Your Future

If you wanted to continue with your studies you could study A level Music, A level Music Technology (both delivered at Hall Cross) or applied A level / BTec in Performing Arts with a focus in Music.  Students who have Music, Drama, Dance or other Performing Arts qualifications have gone on to do community work, sports therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, deliver training for businesses primarily in communication, work in the armed forces, media, social work to name a few.  This is as well as the obvious careers in theatre and performing arts.