Mathematics A Level

About the Course

Mathematics is a high currency A level subject which is valued by employers and further education establishments alike. The course is an exciting journey where students will develop their mathematical knowledge and start to see how the different strands of mathematics interlink and thread together. It introduces concepts and ideas that will challenge all students but also provides a set of core skills that will complement many other A level courses. Further Mathematics is offered as an additional challenge only to be faced by those students who are the most able mathematicians and relish the thought of studying mathematics for at least half of their timetable.

Exam Board

A level Mathematics is an Edexcel course.


Level 6 in GCSE Mathematics and a successful completion of entry tests.

Course Content

The A level Mathematics course is a linear, two year course with an examination at the end of Year 13. The syllabus consists of Pure Mathematics (formerly referred to as "Core"), Mechanics and Statistics. Pure Mathematics makes up the bulk of the course and consists of such topics as: algebra; trigonometry; co-ordinate Geometry; vectors; calculus (differentiation and integration). Mechanics is closely related to Physics and consists of such topics as the study of forces, acceleration and equilibrium. Statistics supports many Social Sciences and gives a good grounding in statistical techniques often used in research and data analysis. A level Further Mathematics - The Pure Mathematics content of the A level course is extended in Further Mathematics to include concepts containing more abstract ideas such as: complex number theory; rational functions; polar co-ordinates and an understanding of mathematical proof. In addition, more applied Mathematics (Mechanics and Statistics) will be studied along with the introduction of decision mathematics too. The course is also assessed by 100% examination at the end of Year 13.

Beyond the Classroom

As well as attending Mathematics lessons students will be expected to dedicate some time each week to working on mathematical topics and honing their skills. A "Brew and Review" session occurs each week in the school library where students can work on their subject skills with each other whilst having a hot drink.

Your Future

Mathematics is perhaps the most universal subject of all at A level, valued by all employers and universities. It can form a substantial part of any portfolio of subjects and in particular complements all of the Science and Social Science subjects. It demonstrates to employers and educational institutions that you have clear logical thought and a significant talent for problem solving. A top grade A level in Mathematics as part of a suitable portfolio will open doors to all courses at all universities.

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Staff Contact: Mr N Thompson
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