Mathematics Option

Transition Activities

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About the Course

Students in the current Year 9 will be the second to be entered for the new GCSE Mathematics.  This new GCSE will be graded from 1 to 9 with grade 9 being the highest grade.  Assessment will be examination only and there will be 2 tiers of examination available.  The Foundation tier will allow students to access grades 1 – 5 and the Higher tier grades 4 – 9.

Exam Board

100% Examination based on 3 equally weighted exams

Your Future

Mathematics is used by all people every day, at work, at home and during leisure time.  It is highly valued by employers, colleges and universities and is recognised, along with English, as a major qualification by the government. It supports and is an integral part of the sciences, engineering, business, economics and accountancy and achieving good grades in this subject is often a pre-requisite for studying many courses at A level and beyond.  A good GCSE grade in Mathematics is a requirement for acceptance on most courses at university.