About the Course

The Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 certificate in Information Technologies qualification will allow our students to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in the creative use of information technologies. The course itself enables creative and collaborative working, solving of problems and use of the best techniques and technologies to communicate meaningful information which meets customers’ needs.

Exam Board

OCR Cambridge National IT Coursework - 60% External Examination: 40%

Course Content

This qualification will enable you to learn about the different design tools that can be used, the principles of human computer interfaces and the use of data and testing when creating IT solutions or products. You will also understand the uses of Internet of Everything and the application of this in everyday life. You will develop the skills to plan and design a spreadsheet solution to meet a client’s requirements. You will be able to use a range of tools and techniques to create the spreadsheet solution which will be tested, and you will learn to evaluate your spreadsheet solution. Finally, you will develop the knowledge and skills relating to the purpose, use and types of Augmented Reality (AR) in different contexts and how it is used on different digital devices. You will develop the skills to design, create, test and review an AR model prototype. This will provide you with the learning for a range of IT related further study, important transferable skills and some basic industry knowledge and skills.

Beyond the Classroom

The knowledge and skills developed will help you to progress onto a range of academic, technical and applied post-16 study including: 
  • A Level Computer Science 
  • Level 3 Technical and Applied General Qualifications in areas such as Information Technology,  Digital Media, Software Development
  • Digital Apprenticeships, such as IT, Digital and Technology, Data Analyst
The careers this subject could lead you to is :
  • Data Analyst
  • AR/VR Developer
  • IT Business Analyst
  • IT Project manager
  • IT Support Technician
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Quality Assurance Technician

Your Future

From a Student Perspective I would recommend IT as a course to students as it covers a whole range of skills which can be used on a daily basis.  It allows you to choose an appropriate program to successfully complete a task.  It consists of many different tasks which can vary in difficulty.  There are new skills you can develop including shortcuts to different processes.  IT isn’t a typical lesson of you writing down what the teacher tells you and it allows you to become more independent through the way the course is delivered.  -  Year 11 Student