Further Mathematics A Level

About the Course

Further Mathematics should be considered by the very best Mathematicians, who have a strong work ethic, who love the subject, and are considering Mathematics for University. The course goes at a quick pace and it builds on completing A2 (the full A-Level) in Yr 12 by doing Further Maths (a second A-Level) in Yr 13.

Further Mathematics (FM) introduces concepts and ideas that will stretch & challenge the brightest of students and form the basis of many of the topics, concepts, and skills that you would encounter and use at University if you were to study a Maths degree.

Exam Board



Please refer to our Sixth Form prospectus for entry requirements.

Course Content

You will attend 9 one-hour lessons of Maths per week and as such, choosing Further Maths counts as two of your option blocks.

In Year 12:

The A2 course is formally assessed by 100% examination at the end of Year 12. This is with 3 two-hour papers. There are 2 Pure papers and 1 Applied paper, which assesses both Mechanics & Statistics. The course content is outlined in the Mathematics section. You then receive your A-Level in Mathematics at the end of Yr 12, on results day in August.

In Year 13:

You study 9 hours of Maths per week, which cover the Further Maths content. The FM course is formally assessed by a 100% exam at the end of Year 13 and consists of 4 papers, each one is 90 mins. There are 2 compulsory modules, Core Pure 1 & Core Pure 2, and then 2 optional modules that are taken to make up the 4 papers.

The Core Pure content introduces higher-level concepts and content including complex number theory; polar coordinates; understanding of mathematical proof; hyperbolic functions and differential equations. In addition, the optional 2 modules cover extensions of Further Pure, Mechanics & Statistics.

Course assessments and requirements

Internally, the course is assessed throughout Year 12 & Year 13 with a series of assessment points (APs). These allow students to show their understanding of that unit of work. There are the A2 exams at the end of Year 12 and the Further Maths exams at the end of Year 13. If you complete both, you receive A levels in Maths and Further Maths.

Beyond the Classroom

As well as attending lessons, we highlight the need for students to dedicate some time each week to external study. This is to reinforce the essential basics and to hone their skills. A "Brew and Review" support session is provided after school one night each week in the Mathematics Department. In this session, students can work on their subject skills with each other and get support from their teachers whilst having a hot drink.

Your Future

Mathematics is perhaps the most universal subject of all at A-Level, valued by employers and universities. It can form a substantial part of any portfolio of subjects. Further Mathematics is an additional step up from this. It demonstrates to employers and educational institutions that you have clear logical thought, a significant talent for problem-solving, and higher-level thinking skills. If you have a passion for Mathematics and are considering studying it at University, studying for an A-Level in Further Mathematics should be seriously considered.