English Language GCSE

About the Course

The course develops the skills of reading for meaning and writing for a range of different purposes; these two skill areas are embedded in both the fiction and non-fiction halves of the course. Within the broad area of reading, students will improve their ability to retrieve information, analyse the writer’s craft in detail, make inferences, summarise content, explore structure and evaluate a different views on a text. In terms of writing skill, students will be working on narrative, descriptive writing for the fiction paper as well as opinion writing for the non-fiction paper, which may take the form of a speech, an article or a letter. Whatever the type of writing, students will be taught to produce  clear and coherent texts that show a sense of purpose, have an impact on the reader and exhibit a high level of technical accuracy.

Exam Board


External Examination - 100%

Paper 1 -  Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing( Fiction) 50%

Paper 2 -  Writers' viewpoints and perspectives(Non-fiction) 50%

Course Content

You will read, and be assessed on, a range of high quality and challenging texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. You will learn the skills of analysis and inference through studying substantial pieces of writing. You will look at a range of effective style models which you will use to improve and progress your own writing. These skills will be assessed throughout the course and in the end of course examination.

Beyond the Classroom

The skill of being able to interpret and use English effectively is a life skill. Not only is it needed to access all higher education, it will equip you for the communication requirements you will need in almost any profession. From accountancy to zoology, the skills that you will acquire in English are essential: understanding and analysing written information, communicating ideas, arguing a point, expressing an opinion, summarising key points and writing articulately and convincingly. It is the fundamental life-skill needed in all areas of career development.

Your Future

Comments from Key Stage 4 students:

It’s an environment in which you can confidently express ideas.

My English lessons are always providing feedback for me to improve every lesson. My English teacher is very supportive and helpful.

My English lessons have a very comfortable environment where I find learning enjoyable.