Business Studies GCSE

About the Course

GCSE Business Studies is designed to allow students to consider the practical implications of business and economics concepts.  It introduces students to the idea of how we determine business success and the key areas that contribute to this. Students will study a range of concepts such as business ownership, marketing, finance, recruitment and production.

Exam Board

  • Paper 1 Investigating small business – written examination 50%
  • Paper 2 Building a business - written examination

Course Content

There are a wide variety of topics which allow students to build their knowledge as they progress through the course. Students will be expected to regularly review business terminology and use these terms accurately within their work.  The lessons will build in difficulty as the course progresses and students will be expected to do wider reading around the topic areas in preparation for lessons. One lesson a week will be devoted to improving exam technique to ensure students are fully aware of how to reach their maximum potential.  Projects are a key element of Business Studies lessons, they help consolidate and enhance learning by researching and applying knowledge to real businesses. This provides students with an enhanced understanding of the wider business environment.

Beyond the Classroom

The A level course builds upon the skills and concepts that are studied at GCSE.  Business Studies is a very popular subject at A level.  A level Economics is also offered and the GCSE course is an excellent base for this subject. Many of our students go on to study Business-based subjects at degree level within the accounting industry or jobs in travel and tourism, teaching, banking, international commerce, politics and law.
    The careers this subject could lead you to is :
  • Accounting
  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Civil Service
  • Events Management
  • Economist
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment and Banking
  • Journalism
  • Legal Work
  • Marketer
  • Operations Management
  • Political Strategist
  • Project Manager
  • Research and Sales
  • Tax and Duties

Your Future

From a Students Perspective I really enjoy Business Studies, it is one of my favourite option subjects.  I feel that Business is such a flexible subject that you can have fun with, whilst learning new skills.  All the teachers are down to earth and understanding and I think that helps.  You have a lot of chances to consolidate your learning and trips get planned that help to motivate you.  There are a lot of topics in business that challenge you and make you ask lots of questions.  I think business is a good subject to have behind you as it is such a broad syllabus that covers a lot of areas that can help you in your future life as an adult.  - Year 11 Student