Art and Design GCSE

About the Course

GCSE Art & Design is about having an adventurous and enquiring approach and developing the skills needed to express yourself. It is rewarding, enjoyable and challenging hard work. You will gain an understanding of past and contemporary Art & Design which will help you in the development of your own ideas and practical work.

Exam Board

AQA- Controlled Assessment: 60% coursework 40% examination
  • Component 1 – Portfolio of work 60%
  • Component 2 – Externally set assignment 40%

Course Content

The course is delivered through a series of projects based on a variety of themes that artists and designers have explored throughout history. Working from direct observation or experience usually provides the initial starting point for the development of ideas. You will explore visual elements such as line, texture, pattern, shape, form and colour through a variety of media and techniques. There are opportunities for work in printmaking, textiles, 3-dimensional media (e.g. clay), drawing, painting, digital media and computer aided design.

Beyond the Classroom

Creative study through Art & Design is a very rewarding activity. It develops independent thinking and allows you to explore ideas which are challenging and rewarding. It may lead to a career, lifetime interest or hobby but your experience of life will be richer for having made and understood more about visual art. Pupils who have an A level in Art & Design can then study at degree level. Career opportunities relating to visual arts are many and varied : The careers this subject could lead you to is :
  • Art Dealer
  • Artist
  • Art Technician
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Critic
  • Architect
  • Ceramicist
  • Community Instructor
  • Chartered Architectural Technologist
  • Educator
  • Gallery Owner
  • Graffiti Artist
  • Museum/Gallery Curator
  • Mural Artist
  • Painter
  • Private Art Tutor
  • Sculptor

Your Future

From a Student Perspective I absolutely love my Art classes and the whole Art course itself. It isn’t just the topics and projects I am being challenged and tested by, but the staff. Since my first Art class my teacher has given me productive feedback and things I could improve on, but on the other hand, praises me on the work I have done. - Year 11 Art student