English Language A Level

About the Course

English Language at A level introduces the study of English in its various forms and contexts - including how language is affected by power, gender and technology, how language develops over time and how children acquire language - with the concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis of language underpinning all elements of the course. Offering clear skills progression from GCSE, the English Language A level allows students to build on the skills already gained and prepare for their next steps. The variety of assessment styles used, such as data analysis, discursive essays, directed writing, original writing and research- based investigative writing, allows students to develop a wide range of skills. These include critical reading, data analysis, evaluation, the ability to develop and sustain arguments and a number of different writing skills, which are invaluable for both further study and future employment.

Exam Board

AQA English Language. Examination 80% and non-examination assessment 20%


Level 5 in English Language

Course Content

Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society. Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change. Non-exam Assessment: Language in Action.

Beyond the Classroom

There will be an opportunity to spend a day studying with a university lecturer. Students will need to be proactive in reading texts for different audiences and purposes.

Your Future

The course offers a qualification that will support higher education study. It is valued for its own merit but is also a strong option to stand alongside other subjects, developing analytical skills. It is also recommended for the pursuit of teaching in all areas.

Contact Department

Staff Contact: Mrs L Hallam
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