Year 11 Transition

Dear Parent,

I am writing to provide some guidance to further support effective home working for Year 11 students.

Students should now concentrate on doing work set by teachers in subjects which are linked to courses they want to study in the future at sixth form or college.

For example, a student aspiring to A-Levels in psychology, French and history, will benefit from continuing to engage with GCSE level work in French and history, but might also benefit from engaging with GCSE biology as this will be relevant in terms of psychology.

This continued engagement with GCSE content is especially important for students who are aspiring to A-Levels in science subjects, maths, computer science and modern languages. Transition onto A-Level in these subjects will be very difficult if students do not engage with the provision on Google Classroom.

In the short term, colleagues will be uploading GCSE level work for GCSE subjects so that students can engage with materials at home. Many staff will have already uploaded this work. Students only need to engage with subjects they wish to study in the future.

After the Easter holidays, a new page will open on the school website called Sixth Form Transition Work. This will contain resources and transition work for all of our A-Level and BTEC programmes of study in the sixth form. It will be vital that students engage with this work in order to make a successful transition onto A-Level.

If your son/daughter does not feel that they have enough work, they need to follow the procedure as detailed on this page of our website:

Remote Learning

With best regards,

Simon Swain