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Are you ready for an exciting role as part of our Art, Design and Technology team? We are hoping to appoint a dynamic, enthusiastic and talented practitioner who has a real passion for product design. The successful candidate will teach across the age range, including Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 examination groups. The role would ideally suit someone with a background in creative arts and who is committed to motivating students to secure outstanding examination outcomes.

We can offer an exciting opportunity in a successful department to the right candidate;  NQTs are welcome to apply and there is a strong programme of induction and training offered to all new teachers.

Hall Cross Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The successful candidate will be subject to a DBS check.

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Closing Date: 30 November 2020 - 9:00am

Interviews: TBC

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Our students & staff say…

  • I joined Hall Cross Academy in 2006 as a temporary teacher of History in my second year in the profession.  Initially I was primarily a teacher that taught at KS3, but soon was given the opportunity to teach across the curriculum, including new subjects, for instance, Politics.

    Within three years I had been promoted to the position of Assistant Head of Year, Key Stage Leader and then culminating in promotion to the Senior Leadership Team in 2013 with a remit of improving attainment and progress at KS4.

    The last 9 years of my career have been extremely diverse, enjoyable and challenging. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in massive changes and improvements that have taken place in a very short space of time.  The most rewarding aspect of everyday is the knowledge that I know I will be working with the fantastic, aspirant and polite young people that attend Hall Cross Academy.

    Hall Cross Academy is an extremely supportive employer and has supported me with every aspect of my professional development.  Colleagues are always willing to share expertise and knowledge, something that I continually rely upon given that I am still relatively early on in my career.

    I would definitely recommend a career at Hall Cross Academy if you are looking for the following:

    • Do you want to be intellectually challenged every day?
    • Do you want to work in a ‘fully’ diverse comprehensive school?
    • Do you want to work in an environment that seeks to work on a meritocratic basis and reward commitment and a positive work ethic?
    • Do you want to work in a workplace that places our children at the forefront of everything we do?

    If your answers are ‘yes’ to the above then I wholeheartedly recommend that you come and join us as we strive to further the life opportunities of our students.

    James Harris - Assistant Principal, Learner Experience

  • I started working at Hall Cross Academy in September 2012 in their Baccalaureate, or “Base” Department, as it is known to the students. It’s a really unique place to work in, as it is a group of teachers with varying disciplines and specialisms planning and assessing collaboratively a curriculum which focusses on Literacy, Humanities, and above all, the development of skills they require to be successful independent learners.

    The NQT Induction was a very positive one, with ample opportunities to work with fellow NQTs, shadow and observe excellent teachers from other departments and set challenging targets with your mentor. Throughout the entire Induction process, and time as a qualified teacher, I am encouraged to try new methods to keep my teaching fresh and challenge my students.

    After my third year of teaching I moved from the local area and as a result, I left teaching at Hall Cross too. It was a reminder (one I hadn’t experienced since my PGCE placements) that the ethos and environment in which you teach really does vary from school to school- it didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to return to Hall Cross. I missed my colleagues, the students, and the time I felt I could give in extra-curricular activities. Not only did I know it was the right decision, but the school provided me with the new opportunity to teach in a different department, and I currently love teaching A Level Politics and Key Stage 3 History.

    Anna Brooks - Co-ordinator of Politics

  • I joined Hall Cross Academy as a main pay scale teacher in September 2014 after a year travelling and gaining experience in another school.  After a short time working at the school, I have seen the commitment and dedication of staff to help students reach their potential, while being given the opportunity to enhance their own career aspirations.

    Through working in the Physical Education department, I have been given the freedom to develop as a practitioner utilising a range of teaching and learning strategies, while being given support from the department.  There is an increasing culture of sharing good practice, coupled with relevant and appropriate CPD, to enhance the practice of all staff and to foster a learning environment where the students benefit.

    Since joining Hall Cross Academy I have been given opportunities to enhance my career aspirations though joining the Professional Learning Team, being part of the Key Stage 3 breakfast meetings and joining other initiatives such as Peer to Peer coaching.  These experiences will be invaluable when wanting to progress further in my career; they build upon existing skills, and allow me the chance to develop areas where I lack experience.

    Since September 2015 I have taken on the responsibility of Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator in PE.  The experience gained in my first year at the school has helped prepare me for this role and begin the path into leadership.  As Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator in PE I will develop my understanding of key areas such as curriculum design and assessment and feedback, and how to successfully implement these strategies at department level.

    The most rewarding part of my job is developing students through extra‐curricular and enrichment activities.  There are a wide range of extra‐curricular clubs at Hall Cross Academy that allow a variety of students to further their interests and abilities.  I have been supported in developing and maintaining a girl’s football team and through this enhancing the aspirations of its participants.

    Hall Cross Academy is a diverse school with a variety of students with vast amounts of potential. Each day is different and it is a privilege to work with the many talented staff and students at the school.

    Nicola Devine - KS3 Co-ordinator, PE

  • I joined Hall Cross Academy in 2014 as a teacher of Philosophy and Ethics as I was moving into my seventh year of teaching.  Primarily I teach KS4 and 5 Philosophy and Ethics, as well as the core Life curriculum.  This year, I have also been an Academic Tutor for both a Year 12 and Year 13 group.

    In my time at Hall Cross, I have gone through UPS 1 and 2, and been promoted to the role of Sixth Form Enrichment Co-ordinator with responsibility for managing the work done in Academic Tutor lessons.  As part of my responsibilities, I support the Wednesday afternoon enrichment activities programme and arrange outside speakers to assist both the Sixth Form curriculum and post 16 life.

    I have found the last 2 years incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.  Our diverse intake means that there is a real cosmopolitan feel around the academy, which makes it an interesting and gratifying place to work.  A school of this size can never stand still, and being involved in the Post 16 changes as well as curriculum changes means that my time at Hall Cross has been rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

    The staff at Hall Cross Academy are all extremely supportive and there are plenty of opportunities for professional development.  Whatever stage of career you are at, there is a programme of support and colleagues who are able to offer their advice or knowledge.  Our students are really appreciative of all the efforts that are made to help them achieve their potential.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend working here at Hall Cross Academy.

    James Stewart - Sixth Form Enrichment Co-ordinator

  • At Hall Cross I honestly think all the teachers are really helpful.  I have so far not come across a teacher that I believe I could not talk to.  Yes some of the teachers are stricter than others however from my own experiences if you are a good student and you work hard the teachers at Hall Cross are extremely supportive.  From pastoral support to supply teachers I find that every member of staff are genuinely nice and supportive.

    Year 9 Student

  • I started working at Hall Cross two years ago, having taught for seven years at another school.  At my interview it was clear that the Principal was passionately dedicated to enabling professionals to thrive in a supportive environment.  I was hugely excited on joining the Leadership team and have subsequently been blown away by the dynamic and innovative approach to school improvement and teaching practice.  A collaborative ethos has helped me develop as a teacher and leader, and our students are a joy to work with.

    Nick Watts - Head of Sixth Form

  • I came to Hall Cross Academy as a Year 7.  I am learning maths, Science, English and a lot of amazing things like how to improve the school and ways to make school life better.  My amazing teachers are fun, you are able to have a laugh with them.  They use the reward and sanction well.  I have 56 achievement points.  Most male teachers have terrible jokes but I laugh along so they can be happy.  I don’t like it when people are not happy.

    You can make tons of friends here.

    Science, Drama, Music and Sports/PE are my favourite subjects because I love my teachers in those sessions and I find them really fun.

    I take part in many activities including Baccalaureate Team, Student Voice. I also play Basketball and in the girls Football Team.

    Year 8 Student

  • I started at Hall Cross Academy in 2009 when I was appointed as the school’s swimming instructor.  With the full support of the school, I enrolled upon the School’s direct teacher training programme in September 2013, and embarked upon my NQT year in September 2014.  I was also a former student of the school and I welcomed the opportunity to join the ambitious, vibrant community and to provide students with the positive learning experiences that I had here.

    The NQT induction programme is well organised, with weekly training and frequent opportunities to collaborate with other NQT’s within the school, and in the surrounding academies in Doncaster. Sharing good practice with each other in school, and those from other schools, has really helped us to develop ideas and to work alongside each other in our roles.  The school also regularly provides opportunities for CPD.

    The PE department is extremely supportive and I have found that I have the opportunity to try new ideas within my lessons, and am able to regularly share good practice with other staff members.  The department, and the school as a whole, makes me feel confident to further develop my own teaching style in a bid to become an outstanding practitioner.

    I regularly run extra‐curricular activities and the Sports Academy, where students from Y8‐13 regularly organise inter‐form competitions across the school, lunchtime practices and in the past couple of years they have organised events to raise money for charity, which have been very successful. Many students have also had the opportunity to complete their JSLA, CSLA and HSLA qualifications in Leadership through the programme.

    Jenna Wilson - Teacher of PE

  • Being a student is something every single person will have to go through during their life, however, it’s the experiences that the student will have which vary.  As I am currently a student at Hall Cross Academy I know it not only endeavours to promote your best interests; it also provides an equal opportunity for every student with the chance to participate in something you may never have dreamt about doing.

    Since the beginning I have been provided with what I believe to be some of the best teachers in the country.  I have never seen a teacher at Hall Cross give less than one hundred per cent. However, it’s not just the lessons which help develop you into a stronger character, there are also many extra-curricular activities too.  Throughout my time at Hall Cross I have taken part in numerous after school sessions which have either helped me learn new skills or build upon the ones I already have.  Not only does this allow you to try something new, it also allows you to bond better with the teachers as well.

    Whilst attending this school I have always been supported by the members of staff who are always all really caring if you ever have a problem.  As the school has one of the most competitive 6th forms around the teachers are also always there to help keep you on top of all the work.

    Ultimately I believe the school is best described through the quote “it lets a thousand flowers bloom”.  This is because every single student or teacher who comes here is always given the chance to become the best they can be. I feel this is no different for me and that Hall Cross Academy has allowed me to go above and beyond what I expected.

    Year 11 Student

  • It’s a great pleasure to be a pupil at Hall Cross Academy as staff and teachers are very attentive and supportive towards my educational needs at this important stage in my life. Hall cross is an incredible school to be studying at as it has so much to offer for each pupils needs. In this school I feel I am able to reach my full potential in life through the consistent support from all staff and teachers. As well as teachers being supportive, they also keep lessons very interactive and engaging which definitely brings interest to the subject even if it’s something we don’t like or we struggle with. The encouragement I get from the school to succeed in all subjects is immense, but without their encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Being at the stage of GCSE s, it’s always a delight to know teachers in the school are always willing to put their time and effort into my education to make me achieve high grades throughout all of my subjects. Also, teachers at Hall cross Academy take on a very important role in shaping the lives of each pupil individually which has a very positive impact on the students as they value school and education much more.


    Year 11 Student

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