I joined Hall Cross Academy as a main pay scale teacher in September 2014…

I joined Hall Cross Academy as a main pay scale teacher in September 2014 after a year travelling and gaining experience in another school.  After a short time working at the school, I have seen the commitment and dedication of staff to help students reach their potential, while being given the opportunity to enhance their own career aspirations.

Through working in the Physical Education department, I have been given the freedom to develop as a practitioner utilising a range of teaching and learning strategies, while being given support from the department.  There is an increasing culture of sharing good practice, coupled with relevant and appropriate CPD, to enhance the practice of all staff and to foster a learning environment where the students benefit.

Since joining Hall Cross Academy I have been given opportunities to enhance my career aspirations though joining the Professional Learning Team, being part of the Key Stage 3 breakfast meetings and joining other initiatives such as Peer to Peer coaching.  These experiences will be invaluable when wanting to progress further in my career; they build upon existing skills, and allow me the chance to develop areas where I lack experience.

Since September 2015 I have taken on the responsibility of Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator in PE.  The experience gained in my first year at the school has helped prepare me for this role and begin the path into leadership.  As Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator in PE I will develop my understanding of key areas such as curriculum design and assessment and feedback, and how to successfully implement these strategies at department level.

The most rewarding part of my job is developing students through extra‐curricular and enrichment activities.  There are a wide range of extra‐curricular clubs at Hall Cross Academy that allow a variety of students to further their interests and abilities.  I have been supported in developing and maintaining a girl’s football team and through this enhancing the aspirations of its participants.

Hall Cross Academy is a diverse school with a variety of students with vast amounts of potential. Each day is different and it is a privilege to work with the many talented staff and students at the school.

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