Being a student is something every single person will have to go through during their life…

Being a student is something every single person will have to go through during their life, however, it’s the experiences that the student will have which vary.  As I am currently a student at Hall Cross Academy I know it not only endeavours to promote your best interests; it also provides an equal opportunity for every student with the chance to participate in something you may never have dreamt about doing.

Since the beginning I have been provided with what I believe to be some of the best teachers in the country.  I have never seen a teacher at Hall Cross give less than one hundred per cent. However, it’s not just the lessons which help develop you into a stronger character, there are also many extra-curricular activities too.  Throughout my time at Hall Cross I have taken part in numerous after school sessions which have either helped me learn new skills or build upon the ones I already have.  Not only does this allow you to try something new, it also allows you to bond better with the teachers as well.

Whilst attending this school I have always been supported by the members of staff who are always all really caring if you ever have a problem.  As the school has one of the most competitive 6th forms around the teachers are also always there to help keep you on top of all the work.

Ultimately I believe the school is best described through the quote “it lets a thousand flowers bloom”.  This is because every single student or teacher who comes here is always given the chance to become the best they can be. I feel this is no different for me and that Hall Cross Academy has allowed me to go above and beyond what I expected.

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