Maths Assessment Update

Dear parent

As you may be aware, your child has recently completed an assessment in Maths. This assessment was essential for numerous reasons. Firstly it allows us to acquire accurate data on exactly what topics each individual child needs support with, it also gives the students vital exam practice so that they are more prepared for their formal summer examinations. Finally, it allows us to determine whether each student is in the group that will enable them to achieve their full potential. The assessment information is even more important this year as they did not complete their Year 10 mock examinations.

As a result of these assessments, we are going to make a small number of changes to the current groupings and your child is one of the students that will be moving groups. This process is something that takes place every year and we are confident that these changes will only have a positive effect on the progress of your child. I also believe our ability to place students in the most appropriate groups is one of the reasons the Maths department is so successful.

The changes will come into effect on Monday 9th November.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child moving groups then please contact either myself or Neil Parker (Head of KS4 Mathematics).

Rebecca Weston –
Neil Parker –

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Weston
Head of Mathematics