Year 8s Find Out ‘Who Cares’

Author: M DoughertyPosted: 1st July 2019 12:12

Lung Theatre in partnership with Cast Doncaster, offered us free tickets to see ‘Who Cares’ and we took them up on the offer, taking 72 of our Year 8 students to watch the performance on 25h June.

“Who Cares embarks on a five-week national tour from 3rd June – 6th July to Folkestone Quarterhouse, Action Transport Theatre, Rosehill Theatre, CAST Doncaster and Arts Depot. Who Cares is a gripping verbatim theatre production based on a year of interviews that offers a rare insight into a year in the lives of three young carers from Salford.  The play aims to help identify ‘hidden’ young carers in society and signpost them to support available through local young carers services.

Who Cares, was written by Matt Woodhead and co-produced by The Lowry and LUNG. It was made in partnership with Salford Young Carers Service Gaddum Centre and is funded by Art Council England and the Oglesby Charitable Trust.  

The play aims to help identify ‘hidden’ young carers in the UK – those who provide care under the radar of their friends, schoolteachers and local authorities – as well as signpost them to the support available. The tour also aims to provide resources for professionals that work with young carers on a daily basis by offering CPD training and workshops.”

The afternoon before the performance got the group to think about, amongst other things, young carers and what it might be like to have to support a relative. It prepared them for the next morning’s show which was poignant, funny, emotive and just an all-around excellent performance.

There was a post-show talk and interactive session with the actors and the team that support the production and our students asked insightful questions that demonstrated real understanding and compassion. Members of the theatre company were genuinely humbled by working with our students and commented on how mature they were both as audience and then participators for the follow-up session.

Amazing as always!


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A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.