SIMS Parents App

personAuthor: J Desmondwatch_laterPosted: 13th November 2017 10:22

The school has purchased the SIMS parent App.  This app gives you access to your child’s attendance, achievements, reports etc.  Together with useful school dates.   Previously we have sent out tracking via your child, we are now in a position to send this electronically to your phone, tablet or PC.  This will be the only method in which such documents will be sent to you in the future.

Tomorrow an activation code will be sent to your email address currently stored on our SIMS System. You may at this point either download it to your phone or PC.  We have a link on our website if you are using it on your PC.  Or you can download the APP from the app store free of charge.   Once you open and choose the link to activate the code you will need three things either you have a Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft account.  The login is your email address or a Facebook account login for example, the password is the one that matches the account you are authenticating against and lastly your child’s date of birth.

This should then download automatically the data we have available on the website.  We will be available in the Library on parents evening to help you either download or activate your code.  If you have not previously sent us an email address this will need to be added in order for an activation code to be sent out.  On the night this will take up to an hour to upload to the system.  Please send an email to with your name and your child’s date of birth in order that we can add and send out an activation code to you.

We are available in the Library on Parents evening we look forward to seeing you.

A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.