Politics Department visits Supreme Court and Parliament

Author: A EdenPosted: 26th September 2019 11:19

On Monday, the day before the Supreme Court gave its historic judgement on the legality of the prorogation of Parliament, our Year 13 students were lucky enough to visit them both!

The students visited the House of Commons, the House of Lords and got the opportunity to debate lively topics and attend a workshop on the passage of a bill to law. Students took on the role of speaker and MPs to debate a bill on the proposed abolition of private education.

Then it was a quick walk across Parliament Square to visit the Supreme Court. There, students were able to take on the role of Judges and heard real life cases that had been heard there previously before reaching their own verdicts. Covering real cases that dealt with whether a senior nurse who refused to timetable abortions on religious grounds was allowed, (Supreme Court rule not) whether or not a bakery in Northern Ireland was discriminatory in refusing to bake a cake with a pro-homosexual message on it (Supreme Court ruled that they didn’t have to) and  whether or not a bus driver who did not make a lady with a pram move out of the way to allow a person with a wheelchair on was discriminatory (Supreme Court ruled that he was). The students were able to look at the real legal issues and reasoning that was used in these cases.

The students found it highly educational and were lucky enough to be visiting these places at such an important time politically. Of course, the hustle, bustle and enjoyment of a visit to London is always enjoyed too!


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