National Theatre Connections Festival 2017

personAuthor: Mr P Porterwatch_laterPosted: 9th May 2017 20:46 ICA_Perform

On Wednesday 3rd May, Hall Cross Academy’s Upper School theatre company, Délante Détras, visited Cast to take part in this year’s National Theatre Connections Festival.

Each year the National Theatre in London commission a number of new plays for young people. Schools and Youth Theatres from across the country then apply to the National Theatre to be a part of the Connections Festival producing one of these new plays.

This is the second year that Délante Détras have been involved in the festival, having performed Davey Andersons’ Blackout in the second space at Cast last year.

This year the company was chosen to perform ‘Zero for the Young Dudes’ by Alistair McDowell in the main space:

‘The inmates at a bizarre summer camp are plotting a revolution. Or has it already happened?

Spending a day watching their schedule of exercise, lessons and meals, a long history of unrest and injustice lies hidden, and as the day wears on, a violent future looms large on the horizon.’

As is the company’s way, we produced a highly visual and physical production, with all students making a valuable contribution to the development of ideas and style of the piece.

Following our home performance as part of our February Dance platform, we transferred the production to Cast as part of the Regional Connections festival, a three day event with eight schools or youth theatres performing.

Our day at Cast started with a physical theatre workshop before the company moved to the main space to begin tech rehearsals – working with a professional stage crew and technical team. The students were commendable in their adaptability on the day, accommodating the demand and timescales that the professional team at Cast have to work within.

There was also a good representation of Hall Cross family and friends at the evening performance for which we are very grateful.

Well done to all involved. A great performance with some very positive comments which are still coming in!


A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.