Lower School Head Boy / Head Girl Elections

personAuthor: A Marchwatch_laterPosted: 8th October 2018 07:50

Friday 5th Oct was ‘voting’ day for the new Head Girl and Head Boy of the Lower School.

In the run up to the elections, 8 students from Year 9 campaigned at breaktimes, lunchtimes and in all Lower school assemblies.

Eisha Akhtar, Mischa Allison, Bethany Bailey, Janea Johnson and Jennifer Micklethwaite were the candidates for Head Girl.

Alfie Blake, Stuart Dodgson and Tom Myerscough were the candidates for Head Boy.

Once all votes had been counted and verified all of the Lower school students were gathered together for Ms Dodgshon to announce the successful candidates.

Mischa Allison and Tom Myerscough were announced as the new Head Girl and Head Boy for 2018/19.

The other candidates, along with Mischa and Tom will now play an important role on the Student Council in seeing some of their manifestos being fulfilled.

Nervous anticipation – who has been successful?
Head Girl – Mischa Allison          Head Boy Tom Myerscough



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A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.