ICA – Perform Dance Tour

personAuthor: Mr P Porterwatch_laterPosted: 14th July 2017 09:17 ICA_Perform

On the 12th and 13th of July ICA Perform students took part in our first ever dance tour.


 First stop on Wednesday was Hungerhill Academy. Here, our dancers spent the morning working with a group of year 9 students; leading short workshops on stretching, technique and repertoire before performing some of the pieces they have been working on this year as part of their GCSE studies. Hungerhill students were fully engaged in the tasks and genuinely enjoyed the session despite some apprehension at first.

Their Performing Arts teacher Ms John – Lewis had this to say,

‘I am the performing arts teacher for the group that was involved in your dance workshop on Monday morning, at Hungerhill Academy.
I am not sure if my head of department has already sent you an email, but I wanted to personally thank your staff and students for coming into school to deliver the workshop. My students were very worried and scared as to what to expect but they were soon put at ease by Alex and the students. They absolutely loved the session and were even more blown away by the talented pupils performances. I hope your students enjoyed it just as much as we did.’

In the afternoon our students travelled to Cast to provide the same workshops to a larger group of Hall Cross year 8’s. They showcased their dances again, but this time in front of a public audience.

During the afternoon of Thursday 13th July, the same students visited Sandringham Primary School to run another workshop, this time with year 5 students.

Following this, our dancers again performed work they have been putting together throughout the year, to a captivated audience of Years 1, 2, 5 and 6.

Well done to all the students involved in the tour, you conducted yourselves very professionally and provided some thoroughly enjoyable and engaging activities to all of the students you worked with.

A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.