My Location is Wrong

The My Hall Cross app uses your phone’s location data to sign you in. If your phone is reporting a wrong location please try one of your native map apps i.e. Google Maps/Apple Maps.

If your native map app reports a correct location and the My Hall Cross app reports a different location please report the issue by using the form below.

If both your native map app and the My Hall Cross app report an incorrect location you will be unable to sign in using the app. We are making changes to the app in coming updates that will allow you to sign in as long as you are connected to the school’s WiFi.

    Please use the form below to report any issues you are having with the My Hall Cross app. If you are having issues logging in please visit the ICT Helpdesk to work out what the issue may be.


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    A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.
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