Covid Catch Up Premium

Hall Cross Academy received £27,810 from the DfE in October 2020 as part of the Covid-19 catch up premium.  Additional payments are expected to be made in early 2021 and summer 2021, although our allocation hasn’t yet been confirmed.

We are using this funding for the following activities to support our pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, this is in line with the curriculum expectations for next academic year:

  • Opportunities are available for professional development of teachers, including focused training on delivering digital lessons.  Our staff are now able to deliver lessons remotely via Google Classroom and many are streaming live lessons to students who aren’t in school.
  • Subject leaders are coordinating assessments to identify particular areas where pupils have forgotten or misunderstood key concepts, to ensure that new material being covered builds on secure foundations.  Pupils are being provided with high quality feedback of assessment outcomes.
  • Transition support for our new year 7 and year 10 students was delivered remotely.  As soon as the students were in school we introduced students to their new teachers and classmates and identified areas where students are likely to require additional support.  We are also creating opportunities for teachers to share information about pupils’ strengths and areas for development with colleagues. 
  • Small numbers of students are receiving one to one and small group tuition as a catch up strategy.
  • We are supporting pupils who have fallen behind furthest, with structured interventions in small groups.  The primary focus is on oral language skills and aspects of reading.  The SENCO is coordinating a targeted support programme focusing on aspects of learning, such as behaviour and pupils’ social and emotional needs with particular groups of pupils.
  • Additional pastoral support is being provided to pupils and families.  We are focusing on having regular and supportive communications with parents, especially to increase attendance and engagement with learning.
  • Additional books and educational resources have been provided to families.
  • Ensuring all students have access to technology, facilitating access to online tuition or support.  This involves providing support and guidance on how to use the technology effectively, particularly using Google Classroom.
  • We have also invested in additional technology in school to improve the facilities available to students.