Philosophy & Ethics Option

About the Course

Ever since humankind started to think, religion has been a fundamental part of our development.  As people look into the vastness of space or witness the miracle of birth, they contemplate the meaning of life and their own mortality.  It has always been this way.  In the 21st Century, religion still addresses the same eternal human questions about life and death, values and relationships, right and wrong.  Philosophy and Ethics is an inclusive subject, designed for people of any faith and people who have no faith.  If you are keen to discover moral, ethical and philosophical issues in the world today, then it could be for you.  It is a subject that will develop the skill of being able to see both sides of an argument even when you disagree with it.

Exam Board

100% Examination – 2 Exams - each exam lasts 1 hour 45 minutes Examination Board AQA Religious Studies A

Your Future

A GCSE in Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies) is a solid foundation for any career prospect that involves you coming into contact with other people.  The skills developed within the course allow you to develop your ability to value both sides of an argument and deepen your understanding of the world that we live in.  Professions particularly interested in this subject are:  Medicine, Law, Teaching, Journalism, Civil Service, Politics just to name a few.