Media A Level

About the Course

Why Choose Media Studies A-Level? During the course students will experience a comprehensive coverage of media theory, integrated with the practical utilization of new technologies. Audiences will be studied as both producers and consumers of media texts. There is a strong production element in both AS and A2 with opportunities for students to investigate and create what interests them thus allowing a clear progression to higher education and/or a career working in the burgeoning Media industries. The course is designed with an emphasis on contemporary issues and debates with a strong focus on the use of new and developing technologies and how these may impact upon society.

Exam Board

Examination Board - AQA AS Year One coursework Unit and one examined unit 50% each of AS and 25% each of final A-level A2 Year One coursework unit and one examined unit 25% each of final A-level


B grade in English Language/Literature.

Course Content

Unit 1 MEST1 Investigating Media (2 hour written exam) The aim of this unit is to enable candidates to investigate the media by applying media concepts to a range of media products in order to reach an understanding of how meanings and responses are created. Candidates should be encouraged to investigate the contemporary media landscape and the changing contexts within which media texts are produced and consumed. Candidates will investigate the processes of meaning making in media production and reception: • at the micro level within individual products (also termed texts) • and at a macro level in terms of technologies (also termed platforms). In this specification the media platforms are referred to as broadcasting, e-media and print, to include linear broadcasting (audio-visual) and cinema, print media, digital/web-based and emerging media. Candidates will firstly investigate a wide range of media texts to familiarise themselves with media language and media codes and conventions and then embark upon a cross-media study. Unit 2 MEST2 Creating Media (Practical Unit) In this unit candidates will produce two linked media artefacts taken from two of the three media platforms studied in Unit 1: Investigating Media, with a single, accompanying evaluation and pre-production materials for both pieces. The pre-production materials, the production work and the evaluation should explicitly and implicitly demonstrate understanding of media concepts. It is expected that candidates will be actively engaging with the media concepts throughout the unit but, perhaps, particularly during the pre-production and evaluation phase of the unit. Therefore, an element of prior research into the production area will be considered necessary and will be evidenced in the pre-production materials.

Beyond the Classroom

Successful students in Media tend to have an interest in being active producers of texts and are not simply passive consumers. We have invested in industry standard software to allow film-makers to achieve as full an experience as possible in the construction of moving image products. Media students are encouraged to help in news-gathering and creating promotional materials for the school, and in working with younger students helping them in their own creation and construction of media texts. We run frequent "masterclasses" to help prepare students for their examinations - and have in the past visited local BBC broadcasts.

Your Future

Students of Hall Cross Media have moved on to study a variety of Media related courses in a number of institutions, gaining useful experience working within local and national Media companies. The skill-set a Media student gains, competencies with ICT, Print. Moving Image and E-Media are an asset in much of the modern workplace.

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Staff Contact: Mr C Handy
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