Geology Option

About the Course

The GCSE Geology course provides you with an opportunity to find out all those things you really wanted to know about Planet Earth.  The course outlines the history, evolution, practicality and beauty of our planet.  The Geology department is well resourced with many rock specimens and fossils.  The course is often applied and it will give you the opportunity to take part in enjoyable and relevant fieldwork.  You will be taught by an experience geologist in a friendly and supportive environment.

Exam Board

On-line examination: 75%   Controlled Assessment: 25% Examination Board: AQA

Your Future

If you wanted to continue with your studies you could: Take A level Geology, classed as a Science subject and highly regarded amongst top universities.   Pupils who have an A level in Geology can continue to study at degree level.  Geology being an applied science, has many applications to human activities.  Our modern society cannot exist without the resources explored for, and exploited by, geologists; notable examples being oil, gas, coal, water, building materials and metals.  Geologists are also involved in hazard prediction, i.e. earthquakes, volcano and landslide forecasting.  In major civil engineering projects, geologists are required to investigate the strength and nature of the ground, and a major recent growth area for geologists is in environmental projects.  With average salaries of almost £40,000 per annum and a shortage of geologists worldwide, geology is definitely a subject to consider at further education.
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