Business Studies Option

Transition Activities

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About the Course

GCSE Business Studies is designed to allow students to consider the practical applications of business and economics concepts.  It introduces students to the idea of how we determine business success and the key areas that contribute to this.  Students will study a range of concepts such as business ownership, marketing, finance, recruitment and production.

Exam Board

Paper 1 (multiple choice) 25%  Paper 2 Controlled Assessment 25%  Paper 3 (written paper)  50% Examination Board EDEXCEL

Your Future

We will accept grades A* - B at GCSE to be able to continue to study at A level.  The A level course builds upon the skills and concepts that are studied at GCSE.  Business Studies is a very popular subject at A level and the demand for the course is high.  A level Economics is also offered and the GCSE course is an excellent base for this subject.  Many of our students go on to study Business based subjects at degree level.  Our pupils who have studied Business have found a wide variety of jobs in areas such as travel and tourism; teaching; banking and accounting; international commerce; politics and law.