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Dear Parent,

I am writing to provide some information about the Easter holidays and, to encourage students who are not engaging with work set to do so.

First, in terms of the Easter holidays; I have advised staff today that they are not expected to set new Google Classroom tasks during the Easter holidays. It might be that colleagues set ‘Easter holiday homework’ tasks in advance of the break, but during the break itself, colleagues will not be expected to log into classrooms. Students will, therefore, be able to enjoy a bit of a break from Google Classrooms themselves!

Secondly, Heads of Department are starting to provide me with the names of students who are not engaging with Google Classroom at all. It is apparent that a minority of students are not completing any tasks and are not submitting work for feedback.

Please do encourage your son/daughter to engage fully with the work that is set in order that they keep up with their peers and are able to make a smooth transition back into lessons on their return to school.

Accommodating a minority of students who have done no work for a significant period of time will be an impossibility if they have fallen behind. I will, therefore, have to take steps to ensure those students catch up and if that means extending the school day significantly during term time or using time in the summer holidays I will do so. Parents will be informed after Easter if their son/daughter is falling behind enough to warrant my having to take the above steps.

I hope you have an enjoyable Easter.

With kind regards,

Simon Swain

We are working with an existing partner of the Academy to issue supermarket vouchers for families eligible for Free School Meals. Please note that any students remaining in school will not be included in this scheme, they will continue to be provided with a meal at lunchtime.

If you are eligible and would like to subscribe to the Super Market Voucher scheme, please use the form below.

Apply for Supermarket Vouchers

Vouchers will be issued electronically to all eligible families and this may be via text or email. Please confirm which method you prefer and that the contact details we hold are correct.

The vouchers will be issued on a fortnightly basis, at the value of £23.50. When you receive the text message or email, simply:
1. Click on the link
2. Select the desired supermarket from the following options:
a. Asda
b. Morrisons
c. Sainsburys
d. Tesco
3. A voucher will then be shown which can be redeemed in-store or online

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me via email by clicking here.

Yours sincerely

Kimberley Brown
Business Manager

Previous Letters

Dear Parents,

Following the Government announcement this evening, we can assure you that every eventuality has been planned for and we will be in contact with all parents tomorrow.
Thank you for your continued support and patience in this unsettled time.

Kind regards,
Simon Swain.

Dear Parent,

I am writing to reassure parents of Year 11 and Year 13 students whose children might be particularly anxious about the prospect of a school closure and the potential for this to impact on GCSE and A-Level exams.

In terms of school closure, unless directed to do so by the government we will do all we can to remain open to all year groups. If the school was directed to close we will support students using Google Classroom.

In terms of the potential for summer exams to be cancelled: as yet we have not been told that exams will be cancelled. If they were to be cancelled students should not worry, we will do everything within our power to ensure that your son/daughter secures an appropriate pathway at the end of their respective Key Stage. Whether it is a place, in our sixth form, at college, on an apprenticeship or at university, we will do all we can to maximise their opportunities.

Over the next two weeks, we want to try and conduct mock GCSE and A-Level exams. This is in order to prepare students for their summer exams. We are not conducting mocks to ascertain grades to use against sixth form entry requirements or UCAS, so students shouldn’t put themselves under too much pressure because of these mocks.

For now, students should continue to work hard to prepare for their summer exams. All we can ask of them is they try their best.

With kindest regards,

Nick Watts
Vice Principal

Dear Parents,

We continue to follow government advice and are committed to keeping the academy open.

In terms of procedures within the academy, we have been asked by the local government to report the number of cases of students and staff self isolating. We have also been asked to provide information about whether or not whole households are self-isolating. This is all in order that government are able to track the extent of ‘symptom spread’.

Therefore, if students or staff present with symptoms they will be sent to have a non-invasive assessment in school in advance of being sent home if it is appropriate to do so.

After being sent home, the academy will try (as far as possible) to call in order to gauge whether the student’s entire household are self-isolating. We will then pass the data onto local government in order that the national effort to combat COVID-19 can be best coordinated.

Beyond the above, we are working to ensure that students are able to access work on Google Classroom should they have to self isolate, or in the event that the school is required by government to close.

To be clear; at present there is no plan to close Hall Cross Academy.

As a parent of a student in school, I absolutely understand the anxieties many of you will have at this time and thank you again for your calm and measured support.

Best regards,
Simon Swain

Dear parents,

I am writing to provide an update on further action we are taking to minimise risk to students and other stakeholders.

From Monday 16th March we are taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Parents’ Evenings for Years 8 and 10 will be postponed until later in the year.
  • Staff briefings will be cancelled until Easter and instead, the information will be cascaded via email.
  • Non-essential assemblies will also be cancelled.
  • Non-essential school trips will be cancelled until after Easter and text messages will be sent to let you know which trips will not run.

I apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience that the above changes will cause.

We will continue to run after school sporting fixtures unless we are advised otherwise.

In addition to the above measures, we continue with the work detailed in my previous correspondence, which can be found below.

As always I appreciate your support.

Kind regards,
Simon Swain

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