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About the Academy

Mission Statement

Hall Cross is a vibrant community in which all are encouraged to develop as individuals, to work collaboratively and to reach their full potential

Our Mission in support of all our learners:

  • To develop and define a sense of identity as they move from childhood to young adulthood and to take their place in the World
  • To refine their interestsĀ  academically so that they canĀ  move confidently towards identified goals
  • To be able to participate fully in an exciting community and feel valued for their contributions
  • To make sense of the World as global citizens
  • To have access to wide ranging opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom
  • To enjoy a safe, secure and positive environment, confident that the adults know them and care about them as individuals
  • To experience success and be recognised and rewarded

We believe that we must all hold each other to account to contribute to a dignified and mutually respectful environment. This belief underpins the standards and expectations we have for everyone at the school.

We are committed to being more than just a school.

Hall Cross Academy
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A paper copy of the information on our website is available on request to the School.